How to Use a CBD Freeze Roll On for maximum relief and recovery.
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The CBD Freeze Roll On is the first to market, rapid cooling topical that helps provide maximum relief and recovery by using hemp derived CBD gel to cool, calm and rejuvenate muscles and joints. Used by healthcare professionals, athletes, weekend warriors and anyone with an active lifestyle; the roll on can be used topically to provide localized pain relief wherever needed fast! If you want to find out about how a CBD Freeze Roll On can help you, then read on.

How Does a CBD Roll-on Work to Mitigate Pain? 

A CBD freeze roll-on is made with cooling natural ingredients that work together to provide fast acting pain relief on contact. The blend of ingredients includes menthol, which has been used topically for years to provide temporary pain relief. When combined with CBD, menthol helps kick start skin receptors that are responsible for sending messages through your nervous system that help block pain at its source, rather than trying to eliminate it once it reaches your brain. Another key component in our topical solutions is arnica extract, which also blocks pain signals by soothing damaged tissues so they can begin healing quickly, resulting in faster healing time overall.

Why is Nano CBD Technology Important in a CBD Freeze Roll On?

Our new Nano CBD Technology is ideal for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone with an active lifestyle because of its effectiveness, ease of use, price point and portability. Nano CBD Technology allows more surface area contact of your muscles, which maximizes bioavailability. Nano CBD Technology also penetrates through layers of skin more effectively than traditional ingredients used in topical gels like water, alcohols, glycols or others.

Using a CBD Roll-On for Near-Instant Local Pain Relief

CBD absorbs quickly through skin, delivering pain-relieving benefits within minutes of application. If you’re prone to sore muscles or general aches and pains, it’s not only effective but also discreet—think easy access whenever you need it most! Start by rolling our soothing CBD roll-on wherever you experience discomfort; massage in until fully absorbed, or use as directed by your doctor or health care provider if your discomfort extends beyond localized areas (e.g., throughout your whole body). Not recommended for children under 6 years old due to small size of tube (0.33 oz.). Avoid eyes; if product gets into eyes rinse well with water.

How to Use a CBD Freeze Roll On

Using a CBD freeze roll on is easy. Simply rub it into areas that are experiencing pain or inflammation, reapply as needed throughout the day, and let it sink in. Most users report maximum relief within 15-20 minutes of application! The formula features full spectrum hemp extract rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids known to promote relaxation and diminish inflammation without causing drowsiness.

How Long Does Pain Relief From CBD Roll-Ons Last?

Many people who try CBD roll-ons find that they experience lasting relief from pain. How long you can expect your skin to feel comfortable, however, will depend on several factors, including how much you’re using, how much is absorbed into your skin, what kind of CBD freeze roll on you’re using with it, and whether or not you follow up with an ice pack or cold compress afterward. In general, you can expect an application to last anywhere between 4-8 hours, with 6 hours being the norm.

Where Can I Get This?

While CBD for pain relief products are legal in all 50 states, each state has different laws and regulations about how you can use them and where you can purchase them. It is important that you read up on your state’s specific laws regarding legality of these products before purchasing any sort of pain-relieving lotion or cream containing cannabidiol (CBD).

You can order our True Spectrum CBD Soothing Freeze Gel Roll-On with 250mg of Nano CBD right here from our eCommerce site.


In short, CBD Freeze Roll On can work to freeze and mitigate pain quickly and efficiently. It is easy to apply locally to the affected area, ensuring that there is little to no waste. It is fast-acting and lasts for hours, usually around 6 hours. CBD is legal in all 50 states, but some states do limit what kinds of products can be manufactured and sold, so be sure to check your local laws. Of course, you can also purchase our CBD Soothing Freeze Gel Roll-On with 250mg of Nano CBD right here at True Spectrum.

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