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Our Values


Our Mission at True Spectrum is to educate and innovate in the CBD space. By taking the highest quality hemp in Colorado and making superb products, we are able to focus on our customers needs. We know that finding a consistent CBD supplier can be difficult, especially a supplier that you can trust. We are dedicated to building a brand that everyone can stand behind! High quality and local to Colorado CBD, what more do you need?!


True Spectrum was started when we noticed that there are a large amount of people who are in severe pain everyday. We were searching for an alternative to prescription pills because of the negative side effects that are felt when people use them for a long term period.

CBD has opened a channel of holistic health that works through the bodies endocannabinoid system. Providing relief, wellness and most importantly, hope for a better and healthier future collectively.

Now that you know why we started, come check out our process!

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