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 If you are actively engaged in sports, gym sessions, and other demanding activities, you tend to have experienced muscle soreness or pain. Even if you’re inactive all day, you may still suffer muscle stiffness. 

The good news, however, is that cannabinoids in hemp plant offers soreness and pain-relieving benefits. One CBD product that lends itself well to muscle pain relief is CBD Body Salve. And a good example is CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano)This warming salve is made with Ayurvedic ingredients and is fortified with the best quality of cannabinoids. 

Despite the amazing properties of cannabidiol (CBD), a lot of people are still wondering if CBD salves work for muscle soreness. Well, we’ll show you how these products work for soreness and pain in this article. 

CBD Body Salve

CBD Body Salve is a topical cream that combines the benefits of cannabidiol with other soothing ingredients to soothe sore muscles and pains. 

While methods like tinctures and gummies are becoming popular ways to take CBD, you can enjoy CBD’s myriad of benefits without ingesting it. You can ease a specific ache or pain using topical products like CBD Salve. 

Salves go directly to the source of the pain or soreness, and it focuses the effects of the CBD on the problem area. That’s more reason why CBD salves serve as an ideal delivery system for people with chronic pain, athletes or anyone who just wants a relief from everyday aches and pains.

 One good product you can try is CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano). This warming salve contains 500mg Micelle-Nano Technology, and it supports improved absorption of ingredients. More so, it stimulates local blood flow to encourage optimal healing.  Studies have shown that using a CBD salve on a particular area of pain or soreness is not just effective but powerful. 

One interesting thing about these salves is that they do not need to be metabolized. A Typical dosage starts working quickly. When you apply it directly on the muscle that’s giving you grief, a CBD Body Salve doesn’t just alleviate the pains like a cooling, menthol liniment or a warm rub. It actually fights inflammation at the pain region. 

Knowing your CBD Salve Dose

When dealing with any topical, the trick is to ensure it contains a high dosage of CBD. Although topical products contain supplemental ingredients, CBD is the anti-inflammatory content consumers love to enjoy. 

With the hundreds of CBD products available in the market today, the quality and potency can make one product stand out. 

Fortunately some companies are willing to share the results from third-party lab testing. At True Spectrum, we are transparent and love to show our customers the ingredients in the product they’re getting. CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano) for example is made from the premium botanical ingredients fortified with the highest quality cannabinoids. This warming salve is manufactured in our GMP certified facility and we do third-party testing for our products. You can check our certificate of analysis here

How does CBD Body Salve work?

Topical products are known to target a specific body part, potentially helping to soothe pain or soreness on areas such as muscles or joints. 

Basically, the CBD gets absorbed by the skin. CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano) supports an excellent absorption of nano material. 

After absorption, CBD Salves interact with the high concentration of cannabinoid receptors found in the skin. These receptors work with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which maintains homeostasis across many bodily functions, including the management of pain. 

One study shows that CBD binds to and desensitize these CBD receptors, and this mediates pain perception and inflammation. 

CBD Salve and muscle recovery

It is common to experience muscle aches and pains after an intense sweat session. That’s because workouts cause microscopic tears to muscle fibers, and this leads to inflammation and a feeling of being sore and in pains. 

Although the breaking down and recovery of muscle fibers after workout is essential for growth, soreness is always unpleasant and it can cause changes in your body when it is in excess. 

Several studies have, however, shown that CBD Body Salve is useful for soothing inflammation related to soreness. 

The CBD content helps to suppress cytokine, chemokine, and the production of T-regulatory cells, all of which impedes the muscle recovery process. 

As CBD suppresses the inflammatory responses of a workout, it allows your muscles to recover more rapidly. 

Final Remark

CBD Body Salve are effective delivery systems that helps to target a particular spot of soreness or pain. It supports the fast absorption of cannabinoids and other helpful ingredients to encourage optimal healing. Products like CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano) is formulated with the finest Ayurveda traditional ingredients and it is fortified with the highest quality cannabinoids that helps relieve pain and soreness. 

At True Spectrum, our CBD products are tested throughout the production process and these products further undergo third-party testing to guarantee that our products are free of synthetic additives, heavy metals and pesticides. You can enjoy great relief from soreness and pain using our product CBD Warming Body Salve (500mg Nano). Get one today and add to your routine.  

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