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One of the latest topical hemp products in the cannabis industry is the “CBD Roll-on”. These CBD products have been designed for people who live active lifestyles, weekend warriors, and athletes. 

With the rapid rate at which different products enter the market annually, you can easily find CBD oil products everywhere. But luckily with True Spectrum  you can buy CBD online and get it shipped directly to your door! 

The recent hemp freeze roll-ons like our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) contains nano-CBD technology that allows the skin to absorb the cannabidiol immediately, providing a cooling sensation and a fast relief from muscle soreness. 

You can safely apply this hemp freeze gel roll-on to sore or inflamed muscles. Moreover, Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) is hypoallergenic and safe for external use. This makes it an amazing option for everyone who is trying to avoid THC in every way. 

What you need to know about CBD Roll-on

CBD roll-on is specially designed for people with active lifestyles. This category of people tend to have sore and tired muscles and the cooling effect of hemp freeze roll offers great relief. 

This product is formulated from Cannabis sativa extract mixed with menthol. It is packaged in a travel-sized roll-on applicator, and you can easily apply your cannabidiol gel discreetly when you have muscle soreness or pains. 

How does a CBD roll-on work?

The ingested or smoked form of CBD enters the bloodstream and elicits an effect on the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors. But topical CBD therapeutics like CBD roll-on allows you to apply cannabidiol to specific body parts.

So if you suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid flare-ups, you can apply CBD roll-on like Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) directly to joints and surrounding skin areas. This way, the cannabidiol content permeates through the skin pores, where it stimulates CB2 endocannabinoid receptors in the surrounding muscle and skin tissue.  

A CBD roll-on like our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) may help relieve post-workout muscle and joint pain. More so, it can help to relieve headaches and reduce symptoms of skin inflammation. 

But note that headaches can sometimes arise due to tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders. In such cases, ensure you apply the CBD roll-on to these areas also. 

Does the “Hemp Freeze gel roll-on” literally freeze pain?

CBD roll-ons are often tagged as pain freeze sticks, and this is mainly because many manufacturers pair CBD with cooling ingredients like Menthol. However, in the real sense, these ingredients do not cause any physical freezing. Instead, the menthol content elicits a soothing cool feeling, which helps to dull pain quickly.

Some brands of CBD roll-ons add ingredients like Ginger extracts and Peppermint Oil to full-spectrum CBD. This further helps to soothe skin by enhancing the cooling effect of menthol. 

How long does the effect of CBD Roll-ons last?

Different people respond to CBD differently, and the dosage levels also influence the therapeutic effect. 

However, many users report that after using the CBD roll-ons, the CBD effect starts to kick in just 30 seconds after application, and this product helps offset pain for up to 6 hours. 

You can try our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) to enjoy the soothing effect of CBD.

How do you apply CBD Roll-on?

Just like any topicals, it is recommended that you test a CBD roll-on on a small patch of skin before applying it more generously. This way, you can observe for any possible signs of skin irritation. 

Fortunately, CBD roll-ons like our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) do not elicit any skin irritation and you can use them safely side-effect-free. 

CBD Roll-on vs. CBD Soothing Gel

There is a big difference between the CBD Roll-on and CBD soothing gel, and this lies in the mode of application. 

The broad-spectrum CBD roll-on like our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) comes with a roller applicator container and does not require you to get your hands dirty. You apply the product onto your skin simply by rolling it on the affected area. 

The Soothing gel products, on the other hand, may not come with an applicator, and this means you’ll have to squeeze a little amount of the gel onto your hands before applying it to your skin. 

However, the external topical application of CBD Roll-ons allows the hemp extract to act on a particular part of the body rather than the entire system. All you need to do is gently shake the applicator, roll it on the desired area, and massage it thoroughly to experience relief within some minutes. 

The menthol content will give a cooling sensation, increasing the bioavailability of hemp. 

The interesting part of using CBD roll-ons like the Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) is that it allows for a discreet application and it does not give off any odor. Little wonder athletes use these nifty products to take care of injuries and muscle aches. 

Is the Hemp Freeze gel roll-on good for arthritis?

CBD roll-ons like Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) may help alleviate the negative side effects of arthritis, but there’s no guarantee that it would work effectively. 

Hence, do not treat CBD roll-ons as a magical cure-all. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can consult with your regular health professional before incorporating any topical product into your routine. 

Note that these products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. So it advisable to use hemp products as supplements, and medications. 

Final Remark

Your body works hard for you daily to keep you alive and active. So it is not too much to treat it with iconic pain-relieving CBD roll-ons like our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano).

CBD Roll-ons help to relieve pain and reduce muscle soreness and can be used discreetly without any odor. 

Our products, including our Hemp Freeze Gel Roll-on (250mg Nano) are manufactured using top-quality facilities, and all these products go through the rigorous process of third-party lab testing. 

You can visit our store for whenever you need to buy CBD online and want quality curated products!


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