Delta 10 Complex Vape Cartridges – Blue Dream

Delta 10 Complex Vape Cartridges – Blue Dream

  • Blue Dream
  • Delta 10 Complex
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • USA grown hemp farmers
  • All-natural terpenes
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    Additional information

    True Spectrum Delta 10 Complex Blue Dream vape cartridges are made of the finest Delta 10 distillate and all natural terpenes on the market. How is Delta 10 Complex different than our Delta 8? Our Delta 10 complex is very comparable to sativa strain in the uplifting effects, while our Delta 8 is very comparable to a relaxing indica strain, The Blue Dream exceptional flavor provides you the enjoyment and convenience you have come to trust from True Spectrum. The potential therapeutic benefits from our Delta 10 Complex produce an uplifting response for a diverse range of conditions. True Spectrum only uses hemp derived from USA grown hemp farmers. As with our other cannabinoids, we recommend start low and slow.

    “Power of the Pyramid”


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